Vegan Cooking - Recipes for a Peaceful World

Product Description

Vegan Cooking - Recipes for a Peaceful World is an Australian vegan cookbook with over 170 delicious new recipes. From wholesome meals, fresh salads, tantalising desserts, cookies and did we mention cakes? Recipes include, Indian curries and dhals, Mediterranean and Asian inspired fare to delicious bakes and pasta dishes. Many new ingredients are explored with a mindfulness to their sustainability and health benefits.

All the recipes are vegan - meaning that they contain no animal products; no dairy, eggs, honey and no meat from any animal. A large range of our recipes are also gluten-free or have a gluten-free option. There are also a large range of cane sugar-free desserts, cakes, cookies and other treats. All of the recipes have been tried and tested using a range of readily available wholesome ingredients.

This book is called Vegan Cooking - Recipes for a Peaceful World - because, not only do these recipes not cause harm to any animals, they also help reduce our carbon footprint. The vegan diet is one of the lowest carbon diets around, far surpassing the traditional omnivorous meat eating diet and also lacto-ovo-vegetarian diets. Even if you are not a vegan and may never become one, by adding a few vegan meals to your weekly diet, you are helping to reduce the strain on the Earth's resources, and saving animals as well!

The book is A4 size and is printed in Australia on 100% recycled paper and board.

About the Authors
Amanda Quinn and Diipali Lilburne first teamed up to write a vegan cookbook in 2005 creating the popular ‘Vegan Cooking - Recipes for Health and Happiness’. Being passionate foodies and long time friends, another vegan cookbook from this team has been created which will be sure to delight.

Amanda Quinn is passionate about animal rights, environmentalism and ethics. Amanda has been vegan since 1997, including during pregnancy and continues raising her daughter vegan. When not in the kitchen, lending her hand to community projects, or working in the Community Services field, Amanda is in the garden, power walking with her family dogs or jumping on the trampoline with her daughter in the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Diipali Lilburne has been vegetarian for her whole life and has a love of cooking and creating new recipes. She lives with her partner and two children in the upper Blue Mountains. Diipali has studied graphic design and loves the creative process of making a book a reality. She loves promoting vegan cooking as a compassionate way to cook and develop an awareness of how our choices affect other beings and our planet.

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