Funch No Bake Chocolate Crackle Slice 155g

Product Description


This slice is a life-saver. Made in minutes, and tasting amazing, when you are short on time and energy this No Bake Slice is not only rich and delicious but also full of healthy, wholesome natural and organic ingredients.

Quite possibly the easiest slice recipe you will find, all you need to do is add rice syrup or honey and coconut oil to the mixture. Stir to combine, push into a tray and pop it into the fridge to harden. That is it!!

You will be amazed that something so simple can taste so rich and delicious! It contains no sugar, chocolate or artificial flavours!! 

This No Bake Slice tastes rich enough to make it the perfect dessert or treat, without making you fall off the sugar-free wagon.

The Product Facts
Our No Bake Chocolate Crackle Slice Mix: is gluten-free, with no added sugar, it is vegan, dairy free, grain free, a source of protein, a source of energy and a good source of fibre. It is made with wholefoods and has plenty of organic ingredients and is naturally sweetened.

What You Need
Our recipe is easy to follow. You only need to add Coconut Oil and Rice Syrup or Honey to this mixture. 

How Many Per Pack
Each pack, depending on the size of the slices that you cut, you will get 8-12 slices per packet

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