Taste for Life - Animals Australia Cookbook

Product Description

Your complete guide to plant-based eating, including more than 100 delicious recipes for every occasion. Click here to preview recipe samples.

People everywhere are embracing the delectable, life-enriching benefits of plant-based eating. Now you can, too, with Taste for Life, your complete guide to plant-based cuisine. Whether you wish to add more meat-free meals to the menu, indulge in the abundance of fresh fruits and vegies now available, or are seeking to improve your health and live more sustainably, Taste for Life contains not only a cornucopia of delicious and nutritious recipe ideas but everything you need to know about plant-based eating.

• why eating more meat-free meals is good news for animals, the planet and your health
• how plant-based foods can give you all the nourishment you need and more
• how to get started
• what to ditch and what to switch
• tips and tricks for quick and easy meals everyone will want to try 
• how to celebrate with the best of them, with yummy plant-based dishes and treats for barbecues, kids’ parties, the festive season and more.


With more than 100 recipes that include tasty breakfasts, snacks and lunches, scrumptious comfort foods and luscious desserts, Taste for Life will help you and your family eat kindly, tread lightly and live well.

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