Olvebra Soy Caramel Condensed Milk

Product Description

This caramel version of soy sweetened condesned milk is delicious. It is quite thick straight out of the can; the perfect consistency for the caramel layer of caramel slice, without any cooking needed.

320g. Ingredients: sugar, water, palm oil (sourced from Brazil so does not impact upon Orang-utan habitat), maltodextrin, soy extract, modified starch, dulce de leche flavour identical to natural, natural pigments: caramel (E150d), urucun extract (E160b) and chlorophyll (E140), sodium citrate sabiliser (E331) and inorganic pigment titanium dioxide (E171).

Vegan. Non GMO. Lactose-free, dairy-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, trans fat-free.

Supplier Palm Oil Statement

The palm oil ingredient is produced in Brazil and comes from sustainable plantations. It does not contribute to deforestation or destruction of habitat of endangered species.

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