Olio & Pane Tomato & Basil Organic Pasta Sauce

Product Description

Selected fresh tomato and basil from organic farming, processed within the day of harvesting to transfer to the jar all the freshness, taste and consistency of a high quality raw material. A typical Italian product with a fresh and pleasant taste also delicious as a topping for pizza.


The tomato is picked and handled with great care, but above all it is processed within 48 hours of harvestng, thus transferring the freshness of sun-ripened tomatoes directly to the jar obtaining healthy and wholesome products just like homemade. Our producer picks the tomatoes according to our needs, selecting the fruits at peak condition (acidity and sugars) directly from the fields. We believe that a high quality tomato should have a correct balance between sugar and acidity as this gives the final product a round and balanced flavour; fresh and tasty. It should be of good consistency, not too soft and as near as possible to the consistency of home made products.

350g. Ingredients: Fresh tomato 99.5%, basil 0.5%.

Vegan. Organic. No added salt, sweeteners, preservatives, food colouring or flavourings.

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