Live Chef Gluten-free Gravy Powder Gluten-free 200g

Product Description

This is the gravy powder I use in my pie recipes. I have this blended to my own specifications in bulk as many of the gravy powders on the market contain nasty numbers or meat derivatives. This is a rich brown gravy and will give your sauce a meaty flavour. It has a great consistency, is freezer stable and if used according to the directions on packet, it will give you a smooth sauce every time. Naturally Gluten Free.

200g. Ingredients: Tapioca Starch, Modified Tapioca (1412), Salt, Vegetable Oil, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Colour (150c), Rice Flour, Natural Flavour, Spices.


Nutritional:  Servings Per Package: 20  Serving Size: 10g

Per Serving                       Per 100g

Energy kj                          134                                     1340

Protein g                          0.2                                      1.9

Fat, Total g                       0.3                                      3.0

-saturated g                     0.0                                      0.0

Carbohyrate g                  7.1                                      71

-sugars g                           0.1                                      0.6

Sodium mg                       504                                     5040

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