Leda Choculence Biscuits

Product Description

At last a vegan version of Tim Tams; totally decadent chocolate creme filled chocolate biscuits coated in delicious dairy free "milk" chocolate. Who says vegans have to miss out!

Free from gluten and dairy, non GMO, low GI

Ingredients: dairy free compound chocolate (25%) (vegetable fat, soy flour, maltitol, inulin, cocoa mass, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, E476), flavour), gluten free flour (chick pea, tapioca. corn), fructose, vegetable shortening (vegetable oils (canola, cottonseed, palm, soy), water, salt, emulsifiers (E471, soy lecithin), presevative (202), food acid (330), antioxidant (320), flavour, colour (160a), vitamins A & D), vegetable oil, ledafit (pear & apple concentrate, inulin), cocoa powder, raising agent (500), flavour.

Leda's Palm Oil Statement

"Leda Nutrition is conscious of the concerns regarding Palm Oil and the increasing awareness of the social responsibilities of sustainable development. We are committed to obtaining our ingredients from reputable and ethical sources.


We purchase palm oil because it is a vegan product, with no detectable trans fats. The alternates for our products using palm oil would involve coconut fat and/or butter fat which contain higher levels of trans fats and in the case of butter not be compatible with our dairy free and vegan claims. In bakery products we require a solid fat ingredient rather than a liquid oil to achieve the desired baked characteristics of our products but we do consider alternatives where possible. We make some products which contain no added fats or are able to use a suitable alternative such as rice bran oil.

These products include our Leda Bar range ( Apple & Cinnamon, Apricot and Banana), Baked Fruit Filled Bar range (Apple, Strawberry and Triple berry), Nurture Soft Baked Twist range ( Apple loves Pomegranate and Blueberry loves Goji).


Our suppliers of palm oil and products containing palm oil have declared that the palm oil is procured from growers and processors who are members of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). As such members they have protocols in place, which constantly review and improve on the sustainability of their plantations and production methods in an environmentally sound, and economically and socially viable way, for the areas and communities concerned. We are aware that there are shortcomings with this system and organization and that sometimes change is a slow and gradual process but believe that genuine efforts are being made to secure sustainable development and supply.


Since January 2009 our supplier has had 3 of their Malaysian mills which are supplied by four plantation estates certified for sustainable palm oil production. They are currently in the process of achieving certification for their remaining plantations and processing plants. Leda Nutrition is being supplied palm oil from these Malaysian certified plantations and mills. As the RSPO certification process is implemented documentation to verify this commitment and compliance to the RSPO principles for the whole supply chain is issued.


We are in ongoing discussions with our suppliers (as they are with their supply chain) to gain market approval and develop consumer awareness of products containing proven sustainable palm oil.


We recognize your commitment to a vegan lifestyle and Animal Cruelty Free and the issues you have raised and trust that our efforts to support a sustainable supply of palm oil and increasing use of suitable alternatives is accepted as ethical behavior and ongoing commitment to sustainable business development."

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