Pico Chocolate - Super Dark 85%

Product Description

A smooth, balanced super-dark chocolate sweetened with coconut nectar.

Pico chocolate is made by master chocolatiers, using the finest organic and fairly traded cacaos. Conched for up to 3 days, Pico choclate does not need emulsifiers or other additives. The result is chocolate with superior taste and texture.

80g. Ingredients: Cocoa mass**, cocoa butter**, cane sugar**, vanilla**** Organic and traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, 

Vegan. Organic. Fairtrade.

Nutritional information

Serving Size 20
Net Volume 80g
Energy 2520 kJ
Protein 10 g
Total Fat 52 g
- Saturated Fat 32 g
- Sugars 12 g
Sodium 20 mg

Keeping your chocolate safe in transit

To protect your chocolate from exposure to heat we highly recommend adding a Cooler Pack to your order. The Cooler Pack includes an insulated box and ice sheets. We cannot guarantee safe delivery of chocolate if not sent in a cold pack.

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