But You Kill Ants

Product Description

Provides answers to 100 objections to vegetarianism and veganism - a must have for any vegan who's ever been asked questions or been challenged about their ethical lifestyle and diet.

In his new book John Waddell analyses questions about his philosophy and diet such as:

  • Where do you get your protein?
  • Haven't vegan babies died from malnutrition?
  • Didn't God give us dominion over all creatures?
  • Why don't you spend your time helping people instead of animals?
  • ...and lots more

If you are vegetarian, vegan, an animal rights supporter or considering making the change, this book gives you concise and simple answers to 100 questions and objections you can expect to encounter.

John Waddell, OAM, has not had a day off sick since becoming a vegetarian in 1963. For the last 25 of those 40 years he has followed a vegan life. John has travelled in 136 countries and trekked the highest mountains as well as run marathons in record time for his age.

Author John Waddell
Format 128 pages


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