Almo Almond Milk 1L

Product Description

A delicious Australian grown almond milk that is 100% natural with no flavours, no preservatives and no added sugar.

It’s the perfect nut milk for your coffee, tea, muesli, protein smoothies, acai bowls, porridge, baking – you name it you can use Almo for it.

Almo Milk is hydrating, easily digestible and suitable for humans, vegans, bachelors, carnivores, paleo cavemen, gym junkies, munchkins over 5, inked baristas, yoga hipsters, tummy warriors, loving mums and super nutty nerds just like us.

We churn whole almonds into a butter and don’t soak or sieve out almonds, making a creamier, more nutritious and protein rich milk. By using an almond butter and making our product long life, we reduce wastage for the planet.

We don’t think corn starch, vegetable oils, sugars, syrups and potentially health-harming carrageenan (Vegetable Gum 407) belongs in almond milk. Less is more. We make our milk as clean as possible.

We’re proud to use Australian sourced almonds from the Australian Almond Co-op supporting 140 growers in Victoria and South Australia. Locally grown almonds are not fumigated with PPO (Propylene Oxide) Gas and are pesticide-free.

Almo Milk contains more almond protein content, vitamin E and minerals than 10% activated almond milk. That’s because we don’t bulk up our almonds with water.

1L. Ingredients: Filtered water, 5%*Australian grown almonds, calcium, non GM xanthan, sea salt.

*  Please note- 5% equals a minimum of 40 whole almonds churned into thick almond butter, more almond content than 10% activated almond milk.

Vegan. Dairy-free.

Typical Values Per 100mls/100gms
Energy 113
Protein 10
Fat - Total 24
Fat - Saturated .2
Carbohydrate .2
Sugars .2
Dietary Fibre .4
Sodium 47
Calcium 91
Fat-Monounsaturated 1.4
Fat- Polyunsaturated .6
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