$50 Donation for Neptune at Dreamer's Hen Rescue

Product Description

Neptune was rescued along with 113 other hens from an abattoir in Melbourne, Victoria. Originating from a factory farm where they had languished for 18 months, these hens were now considered 'spent' and had been sent to slaughter.

The night that Dreamer’s Hen Rescue found Neptune she had been crammed into a transport crate and left to wait for slaughter, at dawn. Earlier that day when her farm was depopulated, she had been handled so roughly by workers that both her legs and wings had been broken.

Dreamer’s Hen Rescue’s vet operated on Neptune to pin back together both her broken legs. After a month of intensive care and physiotherapy, including many hours spent daily in a custom built wheelchair, Neptune can now walk.

This incredible hen has survived against all odds. She is brave, she is resilient, she is fierce, and she is strong. She has taught us what it means to endure the worst of humanity and to still remain kind.

Dreamer's Hen Rescue is completely vegan and dedicated to ending the factory farming of all animals.

Please consider adding a donation to your next Cruelty Free Shop purchase to help fund medical expenses for the treatment of rescued animals. 

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