$20 Donation for Lambs at Lucky Stars Sanctuary

Product Description

Ewes in Australia are timed to give birth in winter so that by the time their lambs are weaned spring grass will be growing and farmers can spend less money supplementing their food. It is also to meet the demand for spring lamb.

Sadly, as many as 15 million lambs die with 48 hours of birth every year in Australia, mostly due to exposure and malnutrition. However, some very lucky lambs have been given a chance at life thanks to Lucky Stars Sanctuary.

In May, Lucky Stars rescued 11 sheep and one little lamb. The ewes were eight and nine years old. At this age after giving birth to countless babies who are then taken away, the ewes are deemed to be spent and sent off to die.

To the surprise of Lucky Stars, one of the ewes was pregnant and on 25 June a little lamb was born. It was -4 degrees celsius so they named him Snow. A week later, came Frosty lamb in -8 degrees, then Dusky lamb and Leigh-lamb came soon after. The boys have been joined by four little girls. Each night they have been snuggled with their mums in straw in the sheep shelter and the mums are given extra protein and oats.

Finally, the mums get to keep and nurture their babies and see them grow.

Lucky Stars Sanctuary Inc urgently needs donations to continue saving and caring for animals. Please consider adding a donation to your next Cruelty Free Shop purchase.

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