$100 Donation for drought relief for lambs at Deep Peace Trust

Product Description

Drought relief for lambs


Marcus the lamb was found alone in a field shortly after he was born. His eyes were pleading for help and he cried out in fear. Lambing season in a farming community is filled with sad stories of orphan lambs who steal your heart, then slip away.


Fortunately, Marcus was rescued by Deep Peace Trust and he is thriving. He now lives in the house with his “sister” Primrose, another motherless lamb who found her way to Deep Peace Trust.


In a world where sheep, and especially lambs, are considered nothing but “stock,” their lives are considered by many to be cheap. But to the Deep Peace Trust, all life is precious. They have 460 large animals in refuge, offering them rehabilitation and a safe home.


Help needed


Deep Peace Trust hasn't had decent rain for nearly a year and they urgently need your help to keep providing water and food to their 460 sanctuary residents during this dry time. Even if it rains, it will take time for the paddocks to recover, and the creek to flow.


Your support will go to buying feed for animals like Marcus and Primrose, who get to live their precious lives in a safe and peaceful environment. Please consider adding a donation to your next Cruelty Free Shop purchase.


About the Deep Peace Trust


The Deep Peace Trust is a not-for-profit vegan charity fostering a world of deep peace and non-violence for all species through the arts, education, and compassionate action. The sanctuary is home to 460 animals saved from slaughter, culling, shooting, and euthanasia—goats, wild horses, geese, dogs and cats.


They believe all life is precious and promote personal peace and the vision of a benevolent world through their outreach work. The sanctuary has been in operation for more than two decades.

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