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Help the joeys at Wala Animal Sanctuary


Spring has sprung at Wala Animal Sanctuary. Spring is a time when native animals are breeding, which means it’s also a time when thousands of orphaned joeys and injured babies end up needing specialist care from wildlife shelters.

Wala has been inundated with baby possums, baby birds, and kangaroo and wallaby joeys coming into care on a daily basis.

Wala has more than 100 animals in care, from wildlife to rescued farm animals and abandoned domestic companions. Can you help them save the animals?  


About Wala Animal Sanctuary

Wala Animal Sanctuary, based in Ballarat, Victoria, is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of Australia's unique wildlife. They get an average of 6 calls every day to assist injured or orphaned animals.

Wala is also a safe haven to domestic and farm animals needing a helping hand. They work with a number of community organisations helping families and individuals with their pets when life gets difficult.

Wala is associated with a large number of animal rescue organisations and give hope to the senior or special needs animals that have been abandoned or forgotten about.

They also offer freedom to the farm animals that have been given a second chance to live out their lives naturally instead of being caught in the agricultural system.  

Please consider adding a donation to your next Cruelty Free Shop purchase to help give the joeys and other animals at Wala a second chance.

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