$10 Donation for Annie and Joni at Farm Animal Rescue

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Annie and Joni were found on an abandoned property standing on a concrete slab without access to either food or water before they were rescued and taken to Farm Animal Rescue in Dayboro, Queensland. The two were so malnourished and dehydrated that they had no body fat and most of their fleece had either fallen out or simply disintegrated.


Both Annie and Joni responded to treatment and were eating well. However, the sanctuary was very concerned about four large patches of skin lesion on Annie. These were treated and Farm Animal Rescue could see healthy skin below them, but each time her lesions were cleaned up the infections would return within hours.


After four days at the sanctuary, Annie started to shiver. Once out of a breeze Annie seemed to be fine again so she was given a little doggy coat to wear. With ongoing antibiotic treatments and a healthy diet of good quality hay and supplements, Annie was closely monitored for signs of improvement.


Sadly, each day, despite what the sanctuary tried, Annie’s lesions grew. And then she progressed to little fainting spells. She was moved into the intensive care area where she could be monitored every hour throughout the night, but sadly after just under a week at sanctuary Annie died. While she was walking and eating right up until the end, the infections that had taken over Annie’s body were too much for her and ultimately they took her life.


We can’t imagine how these two ended up like this, abandoned and alone. What we do know is that Farm Animal Sanctuary are contacted nearly every day by people reporting abused, abandoned and neglected farm animals in SE Queensland. Animals for whom there is usually no happy ending.


Please help Farm Animal Sanctuary to expand its medical, transportation and housing facilities so that they can help more animals like Annie and Joni. While Annie’s story is so short and so sad, Joni is now fully recovered and living a wonderful life with the rest of the sanctuary flock. With your help, they can help as many Joni’s as possible, and give poor creatures like Annie a chance to experience comfort, care and affection in their last few days.


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