Our values

 At the Vegan Grocery Store, we believe every animal deserves to be free from harm and that people can live happy, healthy lives without animal products.

We are and always will be a 100% vegan company.

We make life easy for people because they don't need to spend hours reading the labels of products.

 For us, there are three main reasons. The first and most important reason that we’re vegan is for the animals. More than 56 billion animals are killed every year for flesh, dairy, and eggs. This needs to end. Secondly, we’re vegan for the planet. Animal agriculture is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, as well as being responsible for water pollution, deforestation and the destruction of many of the earth’s natural eco-systems. The third reason is for our bodies, as eating a vegan diet has been shown time and time again to be much healthier than one that includes animal products.

We check the credentials of every product we stock and have a focus on selling products that are environmentally friendly and made by small, local businesses that are fully vegan-owned. In response to customer demand, we also sell vegan products that are made overseas or by businesses that may not be owned by vegans or vegan parent companies.

Mostly importantly, we offer customers choice. With more than 2500 products in our stores, you can choose to use alternatives to every animal product. Love cheese? We have 80+ vegan cheeses – you are bound to find some you like. Our stores also have the biggest range & variety of mock meats, dairy alternatives, chocolates, pantry essentials, as well as fashion and more.

We are actively creating a better world and promote animal rights through:

  • The Vegan Day Out: A major biannual event showcasing vegan goods to more than 8000 across Australia
  • Events: We promote veganism at festivals and markets
  • Window displays: Our regular animal rights campaign window displays are seen by thousands of passers-by every week at our Melbourne and Sydney shops.
  • Recipe Cards: We’ve given away more than 40,000 free vegan recipe cards to people across the country
  • Free food tasting: We regularly give people the chance to try delicious vegan foods at our stores
  • Fundraising: In 2021, we raised more than $45,000 for Animal Sanctuaries through our Charity of the Month program, bake sales, events, charity merchandise sales, and through our donations and sponsorships.

Want to learn more about veganism? See our vegan resources page and give some of our new products a try!