Our Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty Program - Announcement 29.11.23
I'm sad to announce that we have been forced to put a temporary pause on our loyalty program effective 29.11.23. 
Your Existing Points
If you have enough points, as of now, to claim a voucher our team will still be able to access this info and apply your discount in store or online*.
If you don't yet have enough points for a voucher, your points will be reinstated when the new system is up and running.  
The company that runs our loyalty app has increased their price from $1200 a year to over $14,000 a year! We definitely can't afford this so I've made the difficult decision to put the program on hold until we can find a new provider. Our team is at capacity until the end of the year so unfortunately we won't have time to do the necessary research and testing until the new year.
I apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment caused. Jess
*If you have an online loyalty voucher, email online@vegangrocerystore.com.au and we'll issue you a discount code in lieu of your voucher.