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The Cruelty Free Shop Newsletter - March 2014

Melbourne shop now open!

This has been such an exiting (and busy) month! While Stef held the fort in Sydney, Paul and I worked around the clock to get our new Melbourne shop ready for our launch party on February 20th. Pam Ahern from Edgar's Mission Sanctuary was planning to join us to cut the ribbon but her van broke down on the way which topped off a horrible fortnight for her after battling bush fires that threatened the sanctuary (read more here).

We had a lovely time sharing our launch celebration with friends from Animals AustraliaAnimal LiberationVegetarian VictoriaChoose Cruelty FreeCoalition for the Protection of RacehorsesHumane ResearchViva la VeganLas Vegan and more. Catering was by Mister Nice Guy Bakeshopand Felicity from OMV Bakery surprised us with a delicious cake with our logo on it. You can see the photos of the nighthere.

We're very excited to be a part of the Melbourne vegan community and would like to say a huge thanks to all of you who came to our launch weekend, what a welcome! If you haven't been in yet please drop by and say hi to Paul who'll be managing the shop with his team; Kat, Tahlia1, Kirsten and Tahlia2. I'll be in the shop every few weeks so I look forward to meeting you all soon too!

Easter is still a month away but delicious vegan Easter treatshave already started to arrive in store. There's more choice than ever before! These always sell out quickly so don't wait too long.

Have a very happy vegan month!
Jess, Stef, Hilary, Angela, Sophie, Cara, Elizabeth, Lauren, Bella, Rikiah, Paul, Kat, Kirsten, Tahlia & Tahlia

New Products

Alpha Large Easter Eggs

These large and delicious dark chocolate Easter Eggs are wrapped in colourful foil and come in a presentation box. They are gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free too.

Alpha Bag of Small Easter Eggs

These individually foil wrapped hollow Easter Eggs are perfect for Easter hunts! With approximately 10 eggs per bag they'll keep the kids hunting and happy.

Plamil Bag of Mini Half Easter Eggs

All the taste of dairy milk but with no dairy or soy, these solid mini half eggs are a fun, Easter treat for kids of all ages. Organic & fairtrade.

Plamil Easter Eggs

For kids who prefer a milk-style chocolate, these Easter eggs are a great tasting, dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free treat, and they come in a fun, kid-friendly box!

Vegan Easter eggs

Easter is quite late this year, on the 18th of April, but we already have lots of vegan Easter goodies in store for you. So far we have: Alpha large Easter eggs, Alpha bags of small egss, Plamil Easter eggs, Plamil mini half eggs, Sweet William mini bunnies, Sweet William rabbits and Sweet William sugar-free bunnies.

Still to come (within the next two weeks) are my favourites the Constant Craving Truffle Eggs in coffee, jaffa, coconut rough and scorched almond flavours, Bonvita mini eggs, Bonvita mini rabbits and Moo Free Easter eggs in two flavours: hunnycomb and caramelised hazelnut. There's never before been this much choice for vegans at Easter!

New products

Botanical Cuisine Cashew Yogurt: Creamy and rich, this raw organic treat will have you begging for more.
Botanical Cuisine Cashew TartareHello tastebuds! This raw, organic tartare sauce will certainly sharpen your appetite.
Botanical Cuisine Cashew MayonnaiseAh, the taste of mum's home made mayo but better: raw, organic and vegan.
Macbeth shoes: great new styles/colours.
Main Street Vegan: Fabulous "how to" manual for new vegans.
Sticky Fingers Sweets Cookbook: Secrets behind 100 of Sticky Fingers Bakery’s favourite recipes.

Melinda's cupcake mixes: Blueberry & lemon or Raspberry & coconut.
Sjaaks "milk" chocolate coated hazelnutsCrunchy hazelnuts enrobed in delicious "milk" chocolate.
Sjaaks "milk" chocolate peanut clusters: crunchy, creamy, these are the real deal.
White chocolate snowballs: think Rafaello balls but even better (and vegan!) *sigh*.
Nakula coconut water: a refreshing and healthy drink.
Pukka teas: Revitalise, Relax, Cleanse and Vanilla Chai varieties.
Billy's Farm lemon coconut cookies: tasty and more-ish.


50% OFF Risotto meal mixes, were $7.90, now only $3.95
30% OFF Il Nutrimento Pesto, was $8.45, now only $5.90
30% OFF Matt & Nat small Motiv wallet in black or taupe


Meat free week

Meat Free Week is on from the 24th - 30th of March. Please encourage your meat eating friends to give it a go and raise money for Voiceless at the same time. Who knows they might even surprise themselves by discovering that veg food is delicious and nutritious, stick with it and embrace a Meat Free Life!

Victorian duck shooting season

Sadly, the Victorian duck shooting season began last weekend. A group of brave and wonderful people from ALV, Coalition Against Duck Shooting (CADS), ALNSW & ALACT (including Kat from our Melbourne shop!) headed to the Victorian wetlands to defend and rescue ducks. It is beyond me to understand how someone can actually take pleasure in killing I just hope that the Duck Rescue Team are successful in scaring away as many ducks from area as possible and saving the "lucky" ducks who are only wounded. Follow the team on the CADS facebook pageDuck Rescue Team we salute you - thank you so much for your bravery and for all you are doing!

Vege Social Events

Sunday March 30, midday: Join the Social Vegetarians & Vegans of Perth for a social lunch at 
Swan Valley Cafe, 90 Great Northern Highway, Millendon. Car pooling available. Visit the Facebook event page for more information and to RSVP.

Weekly events: Join Pop Up Vegan Eats (PUVE) to be invited to weekly social events and activities.

Visit the Vegan Society of Queensland website for upcoming social events.

Join Sydney Vegan Club (free):www.sydneyveganclub.com.au to be invited to weekly vegan social events.

Sunday 30 March: Macarthur Vegetarians social group meal at Loving Hut, Cabramatta. All welcome; vegans, vegetarians and those who just like the food. For details and to RSVP contact Glenys on 4625 8480.

Visit the Canberra Veg Meetup page for upcoming events.

Charity of the month

"My name is Samira Orchard and for the last 4 years I have volunteered abroad at the SPCA in Fiji who have very basic equipment to work with, and deal with a very high number of dumped puppies who are left on the side of the road and hundreds of cats and kittens who fair no better. 

I saw the extreme hardships they went through every day in dealing with what little they had in order to try and help the constant amount of helpless animals especially puppies who came in starved, dehydrated, emaciated and full or worms and mange, however many died as with my recent trip in June 2013 where a little pup brought in died in my arms from neglect. The puppies in the photos are clear examples of how the puppies usually arrive full of worms, and mange. 

I am asking for help to buy the urgent supplies including critical medical equipment which will save lives so the suffering of the many that come in have a chance. Any amount no matter how small will help me in this enormous task."

Please consider adding a donation to help Fijian dogs and cats in need to your next Cruelty Free Shop order.

Recipe of the month

Mushroom & Herb Hotpot

300g Lamyong frozen mushroom nuggets
50g tomato paste
2 potatoes, cubed
2 carrots, cubed
1 tomato, cut into chunks
50g mushrooms, halved
1 sprig rosemary
3 dried bay leaves
chopped parsley
ground pepper & salt
15ml cooking oil
500ml water

1. Heat oil in pot. Add tomato paste and cook for 30 seconds
2. Add mushroom nuggets and stir fry for 1 minute
3. Add all vegetables and cook for 2 minutes then add water, rosemary and bay leaves. Season with salt & pepper. Simmer for 15 minutes
4. Garnish with parsley before serving. Serve warm with bread and rice.

Quote of the month

"We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feather so badly that, beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the devil in human form." William Ralph Inge