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Every month The Cruelty Free Shop helps an animal group fundraise by featuring a rescued animal and their sanctuary as our Charity of the Month - more information below....


Al & Tom's story is a particularly horrible one, they were being kept to be used as bait for hunting dogs. They had spent their entire lives in small cages housed next to the dogs who attacked them and were subjected to horrific abuse. Fortunately they were rescued by caring people and taken to safety at Hart Acres Animal Haven. Al & Tom arrived traumatised and petrified of everything. 

It has been very rewarding to see these boys find their place at Hart Acres.  At first, they would hide whenever people came near and cower at the sound of a closing gate. Now they try to crawl up on their human carer's leg to get to treats! They are full of joyful mischief and manage to get into everywhere they shouldn't! Al and Tom are now able to spend their days basking in the sun and roaming paddocks free from harm, free from fear and forever loved.

Hart Acres is a haven for abandoned and abused animals to be rehabilitated and live, long and happy lives. The sanctuary is reliant on donations to continue their wonderful work for animals so please consider adding a donation to Hart Acres to your next Cruelty Free Shop order.




Cruelty Free Shop Fundraising Initiatives

Every month The Cruelty Free Shop helps an animal group fundraise by featuring a rescued animal and their sanctuary as our Charity of the Month in our newsletter and on our website. Cruelty Free Shop customers are encouraged to add a donation for our charity of the month to their order. If you have an animal sanctuary with a no-kill, vegan philosophy and would like to be featured as our Charity fo the Month please contact us.

We also regularly donate gift hampers or vouchers for animal rights groups to raffle to raise funds. 

Since we started this initiative we have helped raise over $30,000 for animal charities.

Animal Groups who have benefited from our fundraising in the past seven years include:

  • Voiceless - The animal protection institute
  • Monika's Doggie Rescue
  • Save A Dog Scheme
  • Cat Protection Society
  • NSW Hen Rescue
  • Edgars Mission
  • A Poultry Place
  • Brightside Sanctuary
  • Peanuts Funny Farm
  • Big Ears Animal Sanctuary
  • Manning River Animala Sanctuary
  • Fijian dogs & cats
  • Peru Street Dogs
  • Animal Liberation NSW
  • Sea Shepherd
  • Cruelty Free Festival
  • World Vegan Day
  • Hahndorf Animal Shelter
  • Staffy Rescue
  • Ingrid's Haven
  • Jack Russell Rescue
  • Choose Cruelty Free Australia
  • World Leage for the Protection of Animals
  • Donkey Welfare
  • Friends of the Hound
  • Free the Bears
  • Animals Asia Foundation
  • Animal Rights & Rescue Group
  • Animal Liberation Victoria
  • Australian Association for Humane Research
  • Human Battery Cage Project
  • NSW Vegan Society
  • Sydney Pet Rescue
  • NSW Animal Rescue
  • Monika's Doggy Rescue
  • Vegan Newcastle